Our Data Centers

Our Data centers arround the world

USA – Chicago, IL 

We give you the option to host your websites in a top-notch data center located in the heart of Chicago, IL. The Steadfast data center facility offers perfect conditions for hosting sites whose visitors are located in the United States, Canada or Latin America, and will guarantee you the fastest web page loading speed conceivable. The US datacenter facility option is available with all our shared web hosting plans, virtual servers, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated hosting servers. Just pick your package and then select the US data center from the pull-down menu on the signup form.

Owned by Steadfast Networks, a well-known co-location provider in the Chicago area. It is equipped with various high capacity connections to multiple carriers to ensure uptime, speed consistency and redundancy. The data center is staffed 24/7 and has redundant UPS backup and an on-site 1.5 MW diesel generator.


UK – Berkshire

If your web site will be targeted at people from the UK, Continental Europe or Africa, we offer the perfect solution for you. We partner with a top-class datacenter facility situated a couple of kilometers north-west of London, which offers the highest level of security for your web site and which will guarantee you the fastest web site loading speed conceivable. You can select the London-based datacenter from the pull-down list on the signup form. This data center facility option is available with all shared web hosting packages, as well as with all OpenVZ-powered Virtual Private Servers presented on in our webhosting site.

The UK data center is among the few facilities that are able to provide direct fibre connection to the USA, Paris and Amsterdam.
Pulsant is connected with two London docklands data centers, Telehouse East and Telecity HEX89, via a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring. It provides up to 16 Amps per cabinet location with N+1 redundancy at all times.

Austrailia  – Sydney

If your website will be targeted at individuals from Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, we have the optimal solution for you. We work with one of the biggest data center facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, which offers excellent Internet connectivity and enhanced security for your web site. You can draw advantage from the Australian data center by ordering any of our shared web hosting plans or OpenVZ-based VPS web hosting plans. Just select the Australian datacenter from the pull-down list on the signup form. We also offer a 99.9 percent network uptime guarantee.

The Amaze data center features an impressive power network of 2 x diverse 20MVA feeds feeding from the National Grid, a diverse A+B+R supply distributed via 11kV rings within the data center and on-site diesel tanks (6 x 60,000 liters). An experienced facility management team with technicians is on duty 24x7. BMS systems monitor the facility’s mechanical and electrical equipment 24/7/365.

Finland – Pori

Our Finnish data center is situated in an underground cave that is capable to hold up against aerial attack or EMP blasts. This will essentially ensure that your site will keep functioning regardless of what happens to the world outside. Aside from its strategic location and safety features, the Finnish data center offers incredible online connectivity with the world and especially with Russia and Northern/Central Europe. Тhis data center facility is available with all shared hosting packages, Virtual private servers and semi-dedicated servers.

The Ficolo data center is located in a former underground military facility – one of the largest secure tunnel networks in the Nordic countries, near the village of Pori, in Southern Finland. The facility offers great security for all servers located there.
Aside from the amazing security levels offered by our Finnish data center, customers will also enjoy scalable, low-latency and carrier-neutral network connectivity with the rest of the world, and especially with the countries in Northern Europe and Russia, which is itself one of the largest markets in the world. All hosting packages in our Finnish data center include a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.


Bulgaria – Sofia

If you want to focus on users from Eastern & Central Europe, then having your web sites in our Eastern European datacenter is really a prudent step. Our Eastern European datacenter – Telepoint is situated in the capital, Sofia, this datacenter is situated at the crossroads of both nearby and international important Internet lines and it gives you outstanding connectivity for a lot of European countries. Тhis datacenter facility is available with all shared hosting plans, Virtual private servers and semi-dedicated servers.

We partner with the Sofia-based TelePoint data center. It is one of the biggest data centers in the country and offers amazing connectivity with the countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. All these countries are growing really quickly and have large markets for all kinds of online services. Hosting your website closer to them will boost its loading speed, which in turn will help improve your local search engine rankings.