Dedicated Hosting

Maximum performance for websites and companies with higher requirements

When we speak of hosting web servers, there are 3 main categories – shared hosting servers, VPS (private virtual hosting servers) and dedicated servers. Shared servers accommodate numerous customers and so the resources per web hosting account are restricted, virtual private servers offer more server configuration autonomy, but also influence other virtual servers on the hardware node if used imprudently, and dedicated servers offer you the autonomy to carry out everything you desire without interfering with anyone else.

Dedicated servers are generally much more high-priced than shared hosting web servers or virtual private web hosting servers. Why would anyone, then, use them? The answer is quite simple. If your corporation has a busy web site, or just has very specific web server configuration requirements, the proper option would be a dedicated servers. For somebody who is prepared to invest in safety and dependability, the higher price is not an issue. You acquire root-level access and can utilize 100% of the physical server’s resources without anyone else using these system resources and messing with your sites.

Hardware Spec

The majority of website hosting distributors, including us at Qasumi webhosting, offer several different hardware architectures you can pick from as per your needs. The configurations offer different kinds of microprocessors, a different amount of cores, different RAM memory and hard drive sizes and different monthly traffic quotas. You can choose a web hosting Control Panel, which is a handy GUI if you want to utilize the dedicated servers for web hosting purposes only and prefer not to use an SSH client for all the changes you will be making. We offer three sorts of hosting Control Panel software – Hepsia, DirectAdmin and cPanel.

The Web hosting control panel of your preference

If you are a confident Linux user (our web servers are running on Linux or other Unix-based Operating Systems), you could administer your dedicated servers through an SSH tunnel exclusively. That, though, could be inconvenient, especially if you wish to grant complete server root access to somebody else who has less technical proficiency than yourself. This is why having web hosting Control Panel software pre-installed is a nice idea. The Hepsia hosting CP GUI that we offer does not give you full root access and is mainly suitable for somebody who runs many web portals that demand a lot of system resources, but would like to administer the sites, databases and e-mail aliases using an intuitive Control Panel. The DirectAdmin and cPanel hosting Control Panels, on the other hand, grant full server root access and include three levels of access – root, reseller and user. If you intend to resell hosting accounts instead of using the dedicated servers just for yourself, you should choose one of these two.

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