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Future of marketing

Welcome to the future where you pay less to get more. Forget about expensive advertisments and campaigns. With our brand new platform we reach your ​target audience and get a full featured next generation company page with all tools you need to run successful business from as low as 10 Euros per month. 

With years of passion for business growth we have developed a plattform that will change the future of how companies present themself and how they can reach the specific target audience for as low cost as possible. 


Sweden & Denmark

The release date for this plattform in Sweden and Denmark are Q4 2022. With estimated date Black Friday.

Mobile App + Europe

The release of mobile app & global plattform with Europe as starting point Q2 2023. 

Global full Release 

Our estimate date for the global release are planned for Q3 or Q4 2023. 

Buy your membership now and get bonuses.

Help us kickstart this project and pay for your membership today and get access to the plattform two weeks before it opens to the public. + 2 month extra for free and a individual 1-to-1 online meeting to discuss what your business needs and how to acheive that. 
After purchase we will contact you with further information about the plattform and schedule online meeting



Donations (Crowdfunding)

  • Donations above 99 euro: 1 year membership + 2 months free included
  • Donations above 199 euro: 1 yr membership + 2 months free included + Featured at front page on the website 1 month.
  • Donations above 299 Euro: Same as all above with all tools needed free of charge and recommended companies page in your country one year.  

 Please be advised in order to get a company membership on the website it require you to have a valid company. For swedish costumers you need to have a organisationnumber. 

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We are speaking swedish and english.

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